Listed below are various software downloads, including system and disk cleanup software, video screensavers, file splitter tools, screen capture software, cookie and web history cleaners, photo splitters, disk and hard drive search software, and more. Feel free to download try any of these shareware programs for free :-)

Most of these programs below are all free to try just by clicking the download button, or you can get more information by clicking each link to go to the download page, where detailed information about each program is listed. If you decide to purchase any of the software later, you will also receive free technical support for any questions you may have. All of these programs also include free email delivery.

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"Complete Cleanup"
Disk cleanup software which performs many different cleanups on your system, including all cookies, cache, web history, search engine boxes, location URL's, temp files, locked files, "run history", "find history", duplicate files, and more. Protects your internet privacy and cleans your hard drive. Click program name for more information.

Buy it now - Complete Cleanup     free trial - Disk and Internet Cleanup Software
"Easyscreen Screen Capture"
Capture full screens or capture windows, then save or print your screen shots. Embed text into your saved images, convert pictures to JPEG pictures, print folder contents, capture and download webpage images automatically, and much more. Click program name for more information.

Buy it now - Easyscreen     free trial - Screen Capture Software
"Split and Tile Image Splitter"
Split and divide your images into smaller segments without losing any photo quality using this image splitter software. You can split a photo many different ways including percentage splitting or pixel splitting. Click program name for more information.

Buy now - Split and Tile - Splitting Images and Pictures     Split and Tile Pictures Free Trial
"Image Thumbnailer and Converter"
Thumbnail creator, image converter, webpage creator, and bulk file renamer. Converts and creates an entire folder of images at a time. Click program name for more information.

Buy it now - Image Thumbnailer and Converter     free trial - Thumbnail Creator and Converter
"AVI-MPG-WMV Screensaver"
View your MPEG, AVI, and WMV video files as a screensaver, view videos full screen, turn video sound on or off, and more. Click program name for more information.

Buy it now - AVI/MPG Screensaver     free trial - Video Screensaver Creator
"Disk Search Software"
Easily search your hard drive while having the flexibility to search and find folder names, search and find file names, and search for text strings within files. This windows search software is not only flexible but is incredibly fast and easy to use.

Buy it now - Windows Disk Search Software App     free trial -  Windows Hard Drive Search Software App
"File Splitter Deluxe"
Splits any sized file (and any type of file) into smaller files for copying to diskette, emailing, backing up data, etc. Original file can then be recreated without this software. Click program name for more information.

Buy it now - File Splitting Software     free trial - File Splitter Software
"PC Spy"
Parental software to monitor your children's or employee's online computer activity. Spy software which monitor and capture screenshots of what is being viewed on your pc while you are away. Click program name for more information.

Buy it now - PC Spy Software     free trial - Spy and Monitoring Software
"Program Lock Pro"
Lock and unlock any executable program on your pc. You can also choose your own message to display if anyone attempts to run one of your locked programs. Click program name for more information.

Buy it now - Program Lock Pro     free trial - Windows Program Lock Software

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